Day 8.

10 hour drive from New Orleans to Texas means not many opportunities to stop and explore for photos, but I still managed to grab a handful. I went out for beignets and coffee with chicory one last time before heading out.



I also stopped at Sucre because French macarons.


I was driving through Louisiana, and ended up seeing a massive flea market at the side of the highway, so I stopped. I bought a pocket knife.




A quick stop for dinner in Tyler, Texas.


Pretty worn out from that drive, and not really looking forward to getting back in my car for another 8 hours to Santa Fe. I’m happy, though. Happier than I’ve been in a long time.

Today: Santa Fe, Spence Hot Springs


Morale: Ugh driving

Food Rations: Continental breakfast time

Soundtrack: The Civil Wars, Live at Eddie’s Attic

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