Day 23.

I got a late start to leaving Boise after a mini hotel photo shoot, but I managed to get out and start driving toward Yellowstone.


But not before a detour to Ketchum and Sun Valley. Hemingway. Did you know I have a Hemingway tattoo?



I ended up meeting two women at the cemetery who mentioned that they were able to get into Hemingway’s room at the Sun Valley Lodge, and I probably still could if I hurried. When I got there, the people staying in the room hadn’t checked in yet, so the concierge brought me up. Room 206.



He wrote the first part of For Whom the Bell Tolls here.




Can someone tell me what the numbers mean?


Montana. I hear you’ve got sky.


I’m staying at the Historic Madison Hotel, and I adore it. I’m sleeping in a bed made of trees!


Today: Driving through Yellowstone toward Medora, North Dakota. Camping!


Morale: Tired of hurrying

Food Rations: Hangry

Soundtrack: Jose Gonzalez, Veneer

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