30 Days Around the Country: Trip info


There comes a time when you realize you’ve spent the better part of the last two months not really accomplishing anything except playing with your cat and watching entire series of tv shows on Netflix and that’s only going to change if you really do something significant. So here’s my significant thing — I’m going on a road trip in June. To where, you say?

(All Tentative)
S June 1 – NJ
Su June 2 – Drive to Virginia
M June 3 – Virginia
T June 4 – Drive to Chattanooga
W June 5 – Chattanooga
Th June 6 – Drive to New Orleans
F June 7 – New Orleans
S June 8 – Drive to West Dallas/Amarillo
Su June 9 – Drive to Santa Fe/Albuquerque
M June 10 – Albuquerque
T June 11 – Drive to Grand Canyon
W June 12 – Grand Canyon
Th June 13 – Drive to LA
F June 14 – LA
S June 15 – Drive to San Francisco
Su June 16 – San Francisco
M June 17 – Drive to Redwood Nat’l Park
T June 18 – Drive to Bend
W June 19 – Bend
Th June 20 – Drive to Portland
F June 21 – Portland
S June 22 – Drive to Boise
Su June 23 – Drive to Sun Valley/Yellowstone
M June 24 – Drive to Medora
T June 25 – Drive to Minneapolis
W June 26 – Minneapolis
Th June 27 – Drive to Chicago
F June 28 – Chicago
S June 29 – Drive to Niagara Falls?
Su June 30 – Drive to Boston

In an extremely symbolic chance of fate, my ten-year high school reunion is in NJ on June 1st. I can’t think of a better way to start something new than by reliving my moderately embarrassing youth. I’m going to want to run away after that shit.

From there, driving to Virginia, hoping to work with a couple photographers on the way. I have fond memories of Fairy Stone Park, so I’m going with the intention of reliving them (and hopefully not ruining them).

From Virginia to Chattanooga, because I was in a dreadful mood last time I was in Tennessee and I have a friend there I haven’t seen in way too long. From Chattanooga to New Orleans, which I’m seriously pumped about because I’ve never been there and I’m going to eat so many beignets. Food is going to be a theme. I’m spending an extra day in a few places, and New Orleans is one of them.

From Louisiana to New Mexico, with a stop somewhere in Texas. Maybe West Dallas or Amarillo. Everything I’d want to do in Texas is kind of out of the way as I drive to Santa Fe, so this might be a heavy driving day. You so big, Texas.

From Texas to Santa Fe to sit in hot springs and reflect on the fact that I’d driven almost completely across the country by myself and it was (theoretically) beautiful. Given that I haven’t been murdered/kidnapped/chopped up into little pieces somewhere along the way. An extra day in Albuquerque, as a little bit of a rest.

From New Mexico to Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, to feel as small as I possibly can. Gonna try real hard not to get sunburn on this trip. An extra day there, hiking and reflecting. Then to LA. I haven’t spent any actual time in LA as an adult, and I’m excited to take advantage of all the grown up shit that I get to do now. This is where my flashy shopping montage happens. An extra day here because beaches/food/models. Hoping to shoot with some awesome photographers out there, too. My trip is half over at this point!

San Francisco next, for a couple days. Baker Beach, you know.  From there to Redwood National Park, to balance out the previous 4 days. More hot springs, more reflecting, more feeling small.

My trip plan starts to get a little hazy and I’m going to spend a few days in Bend/Portland depending on places to stay and drive over mountains and go to bookstores and take pictures and maybe get tattooed and eat food and drink coffee.

From there to Boise. I don’t really know what to do in Boise. From Boise to Yellowstone, with a stop in Ketchum/Sun Valley to get my fill of all things Hemingway. Through Billings, Montana to Medora, North Dakota next because WILD HORSES, GUYS.

Minneapolis for a couple days after that because there are rose gardens and an arcade and a basilica and a doughnut place and I actually have no idea what else is in Minneapolis. From there to Chicago for a couple days, another place I don’t really have too much knowledge about other than they ALSO have doughnut place apparently worth a trip to and a couple photographers I wouldn’t mind working with.

Chicago to maybe Niagara Falls (?) or someplace else that’s relatively halfway between Chicago and Boston. Open to suggestion. Also, in case I decide to spend an extra day somewhere along the way/get kidnapped and have to take some time to escape.

And then back home to Boston where I hopefully feel like I accomplished things and can go back to looking full-time for work.


It’s going to be fun. Keep watching.

One thought on “30 Days Around the Country: Trip info

  1. I highly recommend the Hudson Valley in NY (especially the town of Hudson) on your way back to Boston. There is also a killer AirBedandBreakfast in the town of Tivoli, NY.

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