Day 18.


I woke up early and thought about going to one of the pools, but I’d stayed up late the night before so I just went back to sleep for another hour. I packed all my things back into my car, drove down to the cafe for an unfortunately not very good dirty chai and talked to the guy wearing the Dropkick Murphys shirt. I’d scheduled a phone interview for 9:30, so I had to drive a few miles into town to get enough service. Didn’t exactly fit into the holistic spirit I’d been immersed in, but girl needs a job.

Another trip to the warm pool, and a brief experiment trying the hot pool (holy shit too hot I got in halfway and had to get out. Half my body was bright red.), and then the drive to Bend, Oregon.

The colors change again. Rich greens take on a blueish tint and the trees get taller.







I got to my friend’s house and just stood on the porch for a while, the chilly air being welcome after the nearly three weeks of burning sun.


Whiskey cocktails and cats and dogs and warmth. And records. I like this. I like you.


19 days. I’ve been traveling for 19 days. I’ve driven over 5000 miles. Once I get to Portland tomorrow, it’s just going to be driving back toward Boston. I’ve talked to strangers and laid out in the sun with dozens of other naked people. I’ve gone hours and hours without speaking. Sang in my car until my throat hurt. I’ve built fires and felt my heart swell in the Grand Canyon. I’ve started conversations. Love just drips over onto everything.

Today: Bend. Walking downtown, Thump coffee shop, maybe more whiskey, who knows.


Morale: High

Food Rations: Whiskey and coffee

Soundtrack: Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

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