Days 15 and 16.

California, I thought you were going to be the one that I had an affair with, and would make me question my East coast loyalty, but you’re kind of wearing me down. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I took on too much in not enough time. Maybe this should’ve been the kind of relationship where we started out getting to know each other slowly, and growing to love each other and our quirks. But it just didn’t go that way. I jumped in too fast, and I saw all the negatives before I had the chance to grow attached to you. I think it’s over between us.


The drive was nice, at least, once you got through all the beach traffic. Serves me right for driving at noon on a Saturday. I drove up the coast and listened/sang along to Best Coast and Abadabad, so I can check that off my To Do list.




I drove until it was dark, got a drink with the friend of Adam’s who was letting me stay at her apartment, and fell into a deep sleep as soon as I got in bed.

San Francisco. Maybe I’m just feeling overwhelmed by the last couple weeks in general, but yesterday was still rough. It started well with brunch at the Plow, though.


Most of the places I’ve been staying have been pretty central, so leaving my car somewhere and just walking everywhere has been easy. But I drove in SF. Most frustrating thing ever. YOU CAN’T MAKE LEFT TURNS. ANYWHERE. PARKING IS HORRIBLE. I HATE IT.

I got coffee and drove toward Chinatown.











After only staying for an hour because I only had $3 in change for a meter and fuck paying $3 an hour to park on the street, I drove toward the wharf to walk around. I feel like I made a mistake. It’s so touristy and taking pictures of tourists is boring. I’d much rather walk through a neighborhood where I’m more likely to be stabbed.






I think that’s my I’m-over-you-California face. This place stresses me out.

Back to my host’s house, for red wine and gossiping. Best part of my day.

Today: Driving to Harbin Hot Springs. In desperate need of quiet.


Morale: Ugh

Food Rations: Dynamo Donuts

Soundtrack: Best Coast, The Only Place

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