Day 22.

You can’t go to Portland without stopping at Stumptown for coffee.


All my emotions hit me at once as I was driving out of Portland. 22 days into this trip. I’ve driven south, west, north, and now east as I begin the trek back to Boston. Everything is a mixed feeling. I want to go home; I want to keep doing this forever. I’m incredibly lonely; I just want to be alone in the middle of nowhere.


The drive to Boise was filled with flat plains and rolling hills, nothing like the crisp mountains I’d been driving through days before.





I crossed another time zone and it was nearing sunset when I got to my hotel. I showered and quickly walked toward downtown, to grab at least a few photos.

Saw this. Got homesick.






I grabbed dinner and a drink before wandering back to my hotel bar for another drink. I’m pretty partial to the Modern Hotel.

Today: Driving to Sun Valley/Ketchum to get a little Hemingway in me, then Yellowstone.


Morale: Mixed

Food Rations: Hotel breakfast I love you.

Soundtrack: Madeleine Peyroux, Dreamland

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