Days 19 and 20.

I could have stayed in bed all day. I think I’m starting to wear down, and these small pieces of perfect comfort, I want to hold onto them as long as possible.

I got myself together, and walked through neighborhoods toward downtown Bend. There’s sweetness everywhere. The houses feel like sweet little toys, designed for sweet little dolls.


I noticed some people outside a restaurant, and decided to go in. Victorian Cafe. Within 5 minutes of going inside, a downpour started outside. Saved by omelette.




I kept walking, finding my way to Thump. Coffee and sitting with my laptop was a close second to staying in bed. I was there for about 15 minutes when it started hailing outside. HAILING. So pretty. Would’ve been less pretty if I’d been outside.


There was a farmers’ market downtown. I bought lavender with daydreams of making lavender ice cream and lavender simple syrup and lavender panna cotta and I wonder how much motivation I’ll have when I get home from this trip. Might sleep for a month.

Jams and honey.




I started walking home, weaving through different neighborhoods and parks and up more hills then I remember walking down on my way into town.

The angles and geometry here make me happy. It’s so at odds with the trees.




Went out to dinner with a friend and talked about some of my favorite things and I’m lucky to have the opportunities to get close to people. I dragged myself out of bed again this morning, and I’m not sure I was ready to move on. Things were quiet and I had a companion and I think I managed to get myself in a bad mood on the drive to Portland, despite doughnuts.



I could have bought a covered wagon for the rest of the trip.



On a friend’s recommendation, I went to Olympic Provisions. So grumpy, that even a glass of Ameztoi Txakolina rose barely made me feel any better.



Iced tea and a French macaron at Water Avenue coffee shop, and I’m on the verge of falling asleep. Dinner at Lincoln tonight. One of the best parts of having chef buddies is never lacking a suggestion of somewhere amazing.

Tomorrow: Hopefully feel better about things. Voodoo donuts. Coffee shops. Dancing.

Morale: Bleh.

Food Rations: Eating everything amazing

Soundtrack: Gin Blossoms, New Miserable Experience

One thought on “Days 19 and 20.

  1. The picture of hail that looks like marbles fell from the sky and the mostly forgotten, underrated 90s album makes this my favorite of all your days of dysentery. Hope it was as awesome as it looked, mood notwithstanding.

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