Housing + Things to Do + Music Suggestions

So I need help with a few things.


So, the thing about not having a job also means I’m trying not to spend a ton of money unnecessarily. I’m totally fine with hostels, camping, sleeping on people’s floors (only people I know. Sorry creepy serial killers, you can have me next time!) I’m trying to avoid inconveniencing or intruding on anyone, so less interested in just host housing. If I stay with you, you have to be someone with whom I like hanging out.

I’m already set for places to stay in NJ, Virginia, Chattanooga, LA, Bend, Minneapolis, and Redwood Park area. For the rest of the places, I’d love some suggestions. Have you stayed in any hostels that weren’t sketchy? Any particular neighborhoods that lend themselves to better experiences? Any of the parks have exceptional camping? Camping meaning they’ll let me drive my car to a campsite and sleep in it because I don’t think I have actual camping accoutrements.

Where do I sleep in…
…New Orleans?
…West Dallas/Amarillo?
…Grand Canyon?
…San Francisco?
…Niagara Falls?

I promised a few people I’d try REAL hard not get myself killed on this trip, so keep in mind that I’m a young lady traveling by myself and despite my ability to talk my way into/out of trouble, I’m trying to stay (relatively) out of it. Little trouble. Even medium size ok.


So, aside from looking up places to eat doughnuts/macarons, touristy parks, and photographers I want to work with, I haven’t really picked out any particular things I want to do in most of these places. Live in any of these places and have local secrets? Been to any of these places and seen something awesome? What’s your favorite restaurant there? TELL ME. I’m bringing at least 3 cameras with me, so hook me up with some pretty shit. Also, if you know where to buy good French macarons.

Things I like so you know where to start: Good vegetarian food, abandoned buildings, characters, gardens, markets, desserts, tea, coffee, dancing, graffiti, bodies of water, secrets, pretty dresses, natural disasters, photography, good stories, antiques. And French macarons.


It gets lonely on the road. I thought about bringing my cat, but sadly, cats don’t really hike like dogs do though maybe my cat would but I don’t think it’s wise to risk it by driving her across the country only to find out that she’s not into it because then what. So, I need good music to keep me positive. Soundtrack my road trip. Folky country for the drive across Texas and the Southwest, beachy retro pop for the coast of California. I don’t know what the fuck I’d listen to from Boise to North Dakota. Have an artist/album you’re really into and could listen to while sitting in a car for hours and hours and not go crazy? TELL ME.

What I’ve been listening to lately: Best Coast, Electric Guest, Phoenix, Etta James, Abadabad, Sam Cooke, Beach House, Taylor Swift, everything Phil Spector, Tegan and Sara, Freda Payne Pandora station, clever mix CDs.


I’ve never taken a trip like this, or one for so long. A month, with a lot of that spent in my car or in a place I’ve never really been before. It’s terrifying and absolutely exciting. I love to be “lost.” But not LOST. So throw any travel tips, or words of encouragement, my way.

2 thoughts on “Housing + Things to Do + Music Suggestions

  1. if you find that you don’t have a place to stay, look at AirBedandBreakfast.com. Vivian and I have stayed at about 7 of them and they are always awesome. You can read the reviews that other people have left so you’ll feel safe and welcomed. Most are fairly cheap.

  2. Things to do/see in Boise:

    -Go on a wine tour. This ain’t your yuppy Napa Valley wine tour. This is a drink-up-the-glass-is-free wine tour with compliments of a sassy bus driver too.
    -Summer in Boise = a festival every day. Check out events at our version of the Phoenix: http://www.boiseweekly.com
    -Go to a rodeo
    -Drink beer while rafting down the Boise river
    -Check out great music (lots of clubs, lots of folk and bluegrass, also home to the largest fiddlers festival)
    -See some graffiti art in freak ally
    -Drink and dine at fork

    ketchum/sun valley

    The ketchum area is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite areas in Idaho. The Rocky Mountains start on 75 and just get bigger and bigger. As far as the town goes, I’m not a huge fan. Idaho is home to some of the nicest people I have ever met. And some of the most honest hard-working, salt of the earth people. Ketchum is full of rich snobs. Some great restaurants are in Ketchum though, and you can camp anywhere without a reservation on the sawtooths.
    I recommend staying in Hailey, ID or driving another hour to Stanley, ID if camping I’s not in the cards.
    You will not have service in the sawtooths. You will not see a gas station until you hit Stanley.
    You will not have lights, so drive during the day (more impressive views anyway)


    If you are camping book a campsite or cabin RIGHT NOW. The summer will quickly fill up.
    Stay in the valley/Teton area. Yellowstone is massive and the towns the sit on the border of the park are a good hour away from the park entrance.
    Don’t get annoyed at the tourists. The like to bottleneck and stop their cars near buffalo, wolves,etc. just you know, don’t get too close.
    If you want to escape the thousands of tourists, go on a hike. Bring bear spray.

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