3 Days Until Departure Oh Dear.

Apparently time moves fast when you’re trying to precisely plan out every day of the next month of your life. All my hotels are booked and I have something like 6 photo shoots planned and a dozen emails to respond to confirming everything. As the reigning queen of half-assed following through, I’m glad I started booking things early enough that I couldn’t get to the end of my trip planning and then decide not to go. Locked in.

What I’m most excited for? I’m hitting a combination of places I went when I was much younger, and much too young to really appreciate (my mother reminded me this weekend that I’d once referred to the Grand Canyon as a big hole in the ground, prior to demanding that we go to the gift shop), and places that I’ve never been. The scariest/best thing is that none of it is familiar to me. These are all new experiences.

I haven’t been to New Orleans before and everyone I mention it to gets this wide-eyed look and stage-whispers, “I LOVE NEW ORLEANS” so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be fun. Food and music and warmth and different feelings. I desperately hope someone says, “bless your heart” to me at some point.

I’m going camping in the Grand Canyon (aka the big hole in the ground). I was having a hard time deciding between whether to stay in Williams or Flagstaff, so I did the only reasonable thing and reserved a campsite instead. I’ll be calling on my Girl Scout training from 15 years ago, so I’m pretty excited to build a campfire with no one watching in case I fail miserably.

All of California. I’m excited for all of it. LA, San Francisco, the drive up the coast. Call me a hippie*, but I can’t wait for the hot springs retreat I’m staying at for a night north of Napa. Yoga classes, pools, quiet. It might seem a little counter-intuitive going somewhere they ban phones, computers, and cameras when I’m trying to document constantly with at least one of those three things, but I think it’s going to be a much-need reminder of presence.

*Don’t call me a hippie.

Portland, always. All my memories of Portland involve another person, so I’m looking forward to experiencing it a little more independently. Bookstores and restaurants and doughnuts and gardens and coffee. All mine.

Things I’m not excited for: Sitting in a car for repeated 8-hour stretches. Being away from Boston when it’ll actually be nice weather. Not seeing my boyfriend or cat for a month.

Feeling pretty lucky, all in all.

Sorry, Trouble.


One thought on “3 Days Until Departure Oh Dear.

  1. It sounds like you probably know some good stuff about Portland already but I wanted to make sure to mention Pix Patisserie on E. Burnside – excellent French macarons. I cannot recommend the salted caramel one more highly. They recently moved to this location (incredibly, 4 blocks from my home!) and serve tapas, pastries and dark chocolate candies – excellent. Also, Alma Chocolates on NE 28th, just a few blocks away from Pix, has truly wonderful chocolates. And where else can you get a chocolate Buddha covered in edible gold?

    The Classical Chinese Garden is beautiful and, I think, enhanced by it’s being right in the middle of an industrial urban area. I also love the walkways on both East and West sides of the Willamette.

    Restaurants to consider: Ava Gene’s (SE) – one of the best Italian meals ever – my daughter had no problem as a vegetarian there; The Fireside (NW) – GREAT veggie burger, wonderful drinks, sweet ambiance; Pambiche (NE) – excellent Cuban food served by the nicest wait staff ever; The Screen Door (E Burnside) – Southern food – try the Screen Door Plate and a Porch Swing Lemonade and you’ll be happy you did.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your trip. Good luck (and be safe).

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