Day 1.

Bye, Boston.


I woke up early, did some last-minute cat-cuddling, and packed up my car.


The blue suitcase on the right is all shoes. Shoecase.

I listened to NPR and to be honest, it still didn’t feel like I was leaving for a month. I’ve done this drive to NJ so many times, including last weekend, and I don’t think it’s going to fully set in until I’m in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people and sleep in a bed I’ve never slept in before.

I’d had dinner with Mo and Matt last night, and we talked about how kicking off my trip with my 10-year high school reunion was perfect for a screenplay for a Grosse Pointe Blank sequel.



A surprisingly small number of people from my class showed up, maybe 10 out of 75, but pretty much everyone that I’d been close friends with. It’s surreal and no one really looked different and it’s strange that we’re (more or less) adults. Careers and houses. We used to be just tiles.

IMG_2881s IMG_2883s

It’s been such a long time since I was at the campus, and I’m constantly reminded of the unique experience. My school is older than the country, guys. I went to 1st-4th grade in a farmhouse. This one.


12 years in the same place with primarily the same people certainly had its drawbacks like hey I couldn’t get a date for nothing BUT WE HAD A REVOLUTIONARY WAR GRAVEYARD ON CAMPUS SO CALL IT EVEN.


Morale: Very High

Soundtrack: Herra Terra Hyperborean

Tomorrow: Drive to Virginia!


Unrelated, the other music video for Boston band Soccer Mom I did a couple months ago was finally released. Check it out:

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