Day 2.


I woke up early on Sunday, packed up again, and promised my parents I wouldn’t talk to strangers before starting the drive to Virginia. The highways get greener as you drive south and there are more deer on the side of the road.



I planned on getting lunch near Baltimore and ended up getting lost in some neighborhood but lost is never really lost when you have a camera. Train crossings and abandoned buildings and a guy yelled from across the street asking how old I was and then wanted to know if I’d like to get dinner.




I ate batter-fried vegetables with butter somewhere in South Baltimore and kept driving to northern Virginia to shoot with Justin Rodgers for a couple hours. Followed up with ice cream.




More driving and thunderstorms until I got to Richmond, ending up downtown in search of food and interesting things to photograph. It was raining a little still and it was quiet as I walked under the tents of the empty farmers’ market and down the main street.

images image-17s







After getting caught in a downpour about half a mile from my car, I drove over to meet up with Anthony Hall for some more pictures. He has two dogs and a cat and one of them is a puppy and I don’t want to say it but my road trip may have peaked. Late night beer and photos and getting caught shooting in the ladies’ room.


I woke up in a guest room this morning and it didn’t feel all that strange and I wonder if I’m ever going to get that feeling of unfamiliarity I’d expected on this trip. Do I adapt too well? I think I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t feel newly challenging at some point. I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

Day 3: Fairy Stone Park and driving toward Tennessee.


Morale: Very High

Food Rations: Lots of coffee

Soundtrack: Jolie Holland, Springtime Can Kill You

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