Day 3.

I woke up in Richmond, Virginia to this and I loved it.


After coffee and gossip with Anthony Hall, I started the drive toward Stuart, Virginia to go to Fairy Stone State Park. I’d been there ages ago on a family vacation and perhaps my memory is skewed about my childhood but I remember it being fun and finding plenty of fairy stones. I don’t know if it’s specific to this area, but “fairy stones” are little pieces of staurolite, and you can find one that look like teeny tiny crosses.

I drove through Danville and stopped for food and wandered through an antique mall. Trying hard not to buy everything. Danville, what’s up with half your shit being closed on Mondays? Thumbs down, Danville.



Things I’ve learned on this trip so far:

-Honda Fit does not really like going up hills
-Bug spray would’ve been good
-Searching the ground for fairy stones after it’s just rained and I’m sweaty and bug-bitten makes me real cranky




I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t taken too many photos all day, and really bummed out that I hadn’t stopped to photograph the abandoned train I’d seen from the highway AND THEN I FOUND THIS. An entire junkyard at the side of the road full of amazing old cars.








I finally got back in my car to drive to my hotel and THEN THERE WAS A FARM WITH A HORSE, GOATS, AND A MULE ALL TOGETHER.


I’d pulled over to take a photo and as I jogged back to my car the horse started running with me and I’m pretty sure that’s what magic is.

I drove up windy mountain roads in the dark and came across another awesome photo opportunity. Lovers Leap.


I got to my hotel about 3 hours later than I wanted to because Virginia has too much awesome shit on the side of the road.

Day 4: Chattanooga!


Morale: High

Food Rations: Trail mix for dinner

Soundtrack: Every Christian relationship-advice radio show I could find

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